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Meditations IV

Mixed media on canvas, 95x95cm ~2022 Group exhibition ''Zone''-''Now Show 2022'', St.Joost, Breda 30/06 - 3/07 11-18u.


The most visible conducted research in my work is the study of the amount of space contingency has within the imposed frameworks of materiality and action of myself as an artist. I build my paintings with different layers of acrylic paint, oil paint, water, charcoal, pastels, pencils, gold leaf and spray-paint. The layers arise in an intuitive process. Between the layers of media are presences and absences at the same time. The tensions they create help me build new bodies of work.

Behind the most recent works lies a deeper theoretical research. I am aware of my well-being and control over my creative mind with the help of Stoicism. Stoicism is not about the embodiment of the philosophy but about the practice itself. How do you deal with change and unpredictability? How are you influenced by your environment? How do you deal with internal and external conditions as an artist?

Meditations IV

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