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Marcus Gurke


b.1996 Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Lives and works in Breda and The Hague, The Netherlands


Education / Graphic Design, Radius '17

Bachelor Fine Arts,  AKV|St.Joost '22

--At this moment I am researching the space that contingency has within the use of chosen materials. My actions and operation as an artist also play a major role in the creation of the work. What direct influences do I have as a maker and what are the things I don’t want anything to do with? Contingency is key and I rely on my desires for esthetics, beauty and peace for the work I create. 


The different ways of applying the paint, dilution, time, gravity and contingency produce different results in the works. In many works I establish a connection with my environment. I get acquainted with natural objects, walls, floors and people. By means of touch and painting I make a direct or indirect imprint of my environment.  I am developing a great interest in nature of humanity, alienation and identity. 


The theoretical research in recent works is about emotion, contingency, esthetics, self-control and self-awareness as a creator. I do this without the work having to be a therapeutic work. Previously I have researched insomnia, color blindness and spatiality. In my current work, the importance of the environment in which the work is created is increasingly apparent. The influence of the environment is important on my condition as an artist and is a direct reflection on the work. During research and creation of the work new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.--

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Coming up

2023 - 24 aug - 1 okt. / Group exhibition, Galerie De Ploegh, Amersfoort


Selected exhibitions

2022 / Group exhibition ''Stedelijke Kunstenaars VIII'', S-Hertogenbosch

2022 / Group exhibition ''Zone'', ''Now Show 2022'', St.Joost, Breda

2022 / Group exhibition ''De kogel is door de kerk'', Cultuurnacht, Lutherse Kerk, Breda

2022 / Concert ''Inside of a Piano Tableaux"composed by Marin Alexander, Manhattan, New York

2022 / Art market ''Create for Ukraine'', Breda

2022 / Group exhibition ''Wegens omstandigheden is er momenteel nog geen titel’',De Fabriek, Eindhoven

2021 / Group exhibition ''Best Before'', Breda

2020 / Group manifestation and show moment, Breda

2020 / Group manifestation and show moment, Breda

2019 / Group manifestation and show moment, Breda

Selected press

2022 / NRC Cultuur, Dirk Limburg

2022 / Brabants Dagblad, Robèrt van Linth

2022 / Class of 2022, Avans

2022 / Lost Painters, Niek Hendrix

2022 / Kunst blijft een raadsel, Paul Voors

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