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Marcus Gurke


b.1996 Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Lives in Antwerp, BE

Working in Antwerp, BE and The Hague, NL

Marcus Gurke (1996) continuously try to reassures himself off the justness of his artistic endeavors, questioning the conventional notion that the worth of art hinges on its outcome. In his practice, he does not pursue a specific outcome but engages deeply in the artistic process itself. This approach is not about striving to create something conventionally great; rather, it is about honoring the act of creation as a devotional practice. Born in Alkmaar, raised in Breda, and now working and residing in Antwerp, Gurke navigates the delicate interplay between chance and choice, capturing the essence of both in his work.


Each piece he creates is a reflection of his inner world, embodying a vibrant dance of colors and the serene purity of white space—mirroring life's tumult and tranquility. He writes; "I dwell in ceaseless strife, torn between hues and the purity of white upon the canvas. Color, a vibrant symphony, embodies for me, life's ardor, mirth, love's tender dance, fluidity, and tales of romance untold. While white, and the canvas's tactile grace, its textures and folds, embrace me in tranquil stasis. A moment poised in stillness, a sanctuary of peace, a meditative reverie—a junction of pause and progression."


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Embracing contingency, Gurke allows the unpredictable forces of time and gravity to shape his creations. His recent works with coffee and bleach symbolize life's inherent duality—comfort and change, depth and renewal. Coffee brings warmth and familiarity, evoking the complexity of human emotions and experiences. Bleach, in contrast, represents transformation, suggesting the potential for new beginnings and cleansing of past burdens.


This creative process is not just about the physical act of painting but about forging a profound connection with the viewer, inviting them into a shared space of reflection. With each brushstroke, Marcus experiments with paint application, dilution, the relentless passage of time, and the gentle pull of gravity, yielding a diverse array of results. Often, his work forms a profound connection with the surrounding environment, breathing life and context into each piece.


In his current artistic effort, the significance of the environment in which his work is conceived becomes increasingly evident. The environment's influence leaves an indelible mark on his artistic condition, casting a direct reflection upon his creations. During research and creation of the work, new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work. Marcus Gurke’s art is an invitation to explore the depths of our identities and the beauty in life's impermanence. It is a dialogue between his vision and the world—a dialogue as unpredictable as it is beautiful.


2024 / August 5th; Museum Nacht Antwerp, TBA

Selected exhibitions

2024 / 20 paintings, ''Pakje Kunst'', Zuid Nederland, NL

2023 / Group exhibition ''Ontmoeten'', Galerie De Ploegh, Amersfoort, NL

2023 / Group exhibition ''θερμοπληξία', Heraklion, Crete, GR

2022 / Group exhibition ''Stedelijke Kunstenaars VIII'', S-Hertogenbosch, NL

2022 / Group exhibition ''Zone'', ''Now Show 2022''Graduation Show, St.Joost, Breda, NL

2022 / Group exhibition ''De kogel is door de kerk'', Cultuurnacht, Lutherse Kerk, Breda, NL

2022 / Concert ''Inside of a Piano Tableaux"composed by Marin Alexander, Manhattan, New York, USA

2022 / Art market ''Create for Ukraine'', Breda, NL

2022 / Group exhibition ''Wegens omstandigheden is er momenteel nog geen titel’',  De Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL

2021 / Group exhibition ''Best Before'', Breda, NL

2020 / Group manifestation and exhibition, Breda, NL

2020 / Group manifestation and exhibition, Breda, NL

2019 / Group exhibition ''In Samenwerking Met'' Breda NL

2019 / Group manifestation and exhibition, Breda, NL

Selected press

2022 / NRC Cultuur, Dirk Limburg

2022 / Brabants Dagblad, Robèrt van Linth

2022 / BK-Informatie, 2022-5, Xandra Nibbeling

2022 / Class of 2022, Avans

2022 / Lost Painters, Niek Hendrix

2022 / Kunst blijft een raadsel, Paul Voors


2023 / Artists Residency, Heraklion, Crete, GR

2022 / Artists Residency, Eindhoven, NL

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